4 Steps to Surviving an Auto Accident While on Vacation

When all you want to do is enjoy your Florida vacation and get back to the airport in time to make your flight back home, getting into an accident can feel like the worst kind of disaster. Additionally, since many motorists in traffic accidents end up being cited, you might even need to come back to explain what happened to a judge. It’s even worse when you or one of your companions is taken to the hospital because of whiplash, broken bones, or other serious injuries. Finding an accident attorney near Fort Myers is quick and easy if you remember that vacations don’t always turn out as you imagined. Here are the four steps you should take if you are involved in a car crash when not in your hometown.

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1. Make Your Auto Accident Claim Fast

Your auto insurance provider needs to know what happened right away. Whether your standard auto insurance policy is being used on your own car or a rental, make a claim as soon as possible. Additionally, the auto rental company should be notified that the car you are driving has been in a wreck. If you’re in a rental vehicle, you’ll need to see if you can get a replacement car so that you won’t be stuck taking cabs for the remainder of your trip.

2. Calm Down

No matter where the collision occurred, you are likely to still be shocked and alarmed even hours after an auto accident. So long as everyone appears to be alright, you can begin to calm down and consider what your next move needs to be. Don’t start looking for early flights home just yet. Your vacation doesn’t need to end because of a car accident, but you’ll probably need to spend at least part of a day getting everything back into order. Get some rest and wait until you are sufficiently calmed down to decide whether or not to depart early.

3. Stay with Any Injured Parties

In the event that a member of your party was hurt during the collision, you will want to check in and visit with them often. It wouldn’t be fun to go off visiting amusement parks or spending time at the beach when you have a friend or loved one recovering in the hospital after an auto accident. See if there are any activities that are close to the hospital and wait to hear if your loved one will be discharged soon.

4. Make Changes to Travel Plans if Needed

Sometimes, being in a car accident during a relaxing trip can make you want to go back to where you are most familiar. If you were hurt, you may need to see your primary doctor, and if you have a court summons you will want to go back home so that you can get prepared. Your personal injury attorney will remain on the case while you go home but stay in communication so that you are aware of when you should return.

You may have had belongings destroyed or been injured during an auto wreck on vacation in Florida. Although it is possible to resume your trip quickly, some accidents have longer lasting effects. Do what feels right and don’t let your trip get spoiled because of an inconvenient auto collision.