Seersucker: How the U.S. Senate found comfort In the land of Milk and Sugar


Seersucker. If you don’t know what it is, here’s what it’s not – a dirty name to call an adversary. In fact, adversaries in the U.S. Senate have become famous for wearing suits or clothing made from this ancient material with Persian origins each year on Seersucker Day in Washington, DC. Friends and foes alike sport the classic woven fabric that became famous as a way to stay cool on hot summer days in the years before modern air conditioning.

As early as the 1600’s the East India Company traded this fabric, called shirushakar which translates as “milk and sugar.” There was evidence of trade in the U.S. colonies as early as the late 1600’s. Today, many enjoy the bi-partisan antics of senators, male and female, who wear the lightweight cotton fabric on Seersucker Thursday each year.

Wearing the lightweight fabric in the southern part of the U.S. became a summertime tradition many years ago, but was popularized in Louisiana by a clothier who made men lightweight suits from it around 1904. The fabric is very practical because it washes easily, dries quickly and can be worn as soon as it dries without the need for heavy ironing. Its crinkly nature lifts it off the skin, allowing better air circulation.

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It was Senator Trent Lott who popularized Seersucker Thursday in the late 1990’s and Diane Feinstein who made seersucker suits for the growing number of women in the senate so they could fashionably slay, too. So find your way to the land of Milk and Sugar with fashionably fit clothing from L.L. Bean.