Three Courses of Action if Your Roommate is Stealing From You

In many situation having a roommate is a great idea. Not only will you get a chance to live with a friend but you can also split the rent and utility bills with another person. It is an affordable way to live and can make your social situation more exciting. Although many roommates get along well and have no issues with one another, in some cases a roommate can be a big problem. If you think that your roommate is stealing from you, here are some courses of action that you can take in order to eliminate a troublesome situation and regain a safe living environment.

Speak to an Attorney
If you are unsure about what you can legally do given your rental agreement it might be a wise idea to find a local attorney who can speak to. They can advise you on whether you are legally obligated to continue living with the roommate or whether you are free to pick up your things and move straight away. If you are subletting a room in your home to a roommate you might be able to terminate the contract if stealing occurs. Speaking one on one with an attorney will help you to know that your actions are legal and above board.

Confront Your Roommate
For many people this is the hardest course of action. If your roommate is stealing from you but he or she is a good friend or someone who want to continue to have in your life then simply speak to them openly and honestly. Find out if there is a reason or a viable explanation for stealing. Don’t back down but hold firm to your beliefs and make it clear that if the items are not returned or the stealing continues then the living situation will have to change dramatically. If you have already spoken to an attorney you can specify what legal course of action you plan to take, whether that is moving out yourself or having the roommate legally kicked out of the home.

Contact the Police
The final legal course of action would be to contact the police. If a confrontation or conversation with your roommate doesn’t net you any progress then you might be better off reporting the theft directly to the police. Gather any evidence that you might have such as pictures or receipts of the items that were stolen from you. If the police recover any of these items in the possessions of your roommate they would be arrested. After reporting your roommate to the police you will be able to file for a peace or vacate order, which ensures that you are safe in the home and may call for a rapid eviction of your roommate.

Although evicting a roommate can be a stressful and frustrating experience, it is necessary if your roommate is stealing from you. In order to feel safe and secure in your own home use one of these three courses of action to protect your belongings and yourself.

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