Top 10 Reasons Couples Get Divorced

The growing divorce rate in the US has been topic of conversation for years. Since four or five years ago, approximately 40% of all couples end up in divorce over a span of ten years. Studies have shown a slight decrease in the divorce rates; however it has been offset by the decrease in the marriage rates. Psychologists and anthropologists alike have conducted numerous studies examining reasons for high level of failed marriages in the US. Here are the top 10 reasons why marriages end up in divorce:


  • Bills and Debt

A reoccurring reason for why many new couples end up in divorce is because they haven’t learned how to keep up with their finances and come up with a budget. Being young and carefree, it’s easy to overspend. However after years of bad spending habits, debt accumulates. And often times the staggering debt drives a rift between couples and a marriage.



  • Lack of Communication

You’ve heard it from everyone. Communication is key to any relationship. Needless to say, many marriages end in divorce when one or both partners fail to communicate on a daily basis. A tall tail sign that your marriage is floundering is if you or your partner feel trouble in expressing thoughts and feelings.



  • Spousal Abuse

Social media has been a horrible advocate against physical and emotional abuse. Since Chris Brown and Rihanna’s domestic abuse scandal, it seems that the younger generation has been more nonchalant towards domestic violence. However spousal abuse should not be taken lightly seeing as both domestic and emotional abuse have been key factors for high divorce rates throughout the years.



  • Affairs and Scandals

Another reoccurring reason for divorce both nationwide and worldwide is infidelity. Couples with spouses who have extramarital affairs face higher risk of divorce.



  • Change in Interests

Marriage is often times a leap of faith; in your decisions and in the person you are about to marry. There are many unforeseen factors that could negatively impact your marriage. After some years of marriage, some couples grow apart and notice a change in interests.



  • Change in Priorities

Similar with change of interests, couples with a few years under their belt might notice a change in the other’s priorities. Couples are torn apart when one or both prioritize materialistic possessions, hobbies, or careers over their partners.



  • Unhealthy Addictions

If one partner struggles with an addiction problem, the chances for divorce rates are higher. Usually addictions such as alcohol and drug addictions are related to domestic abuse and violence. Eating disorders and other psychological addictions also factor in towards increasing divorce rates.



  • Lack of Physical Intimacy

A major component to any successful relationship is physical attraction and intimacy. Couples who have intimacy problems or don’t find each other attractive risk higher chances of divorce.



  • Working Overtime

In our society, there is definitely a strong emphasis on our careers. Besides finding the right partner, our next top priority is finding the right career. Here in the US, more and more of our younger generation is holding off on marriage and seeing higher divorce rates because of working overtime or becoming obsessive with our jobs.



  • Over Expectations

We all have expectations for our significant others. When expectations are set too high or are unrealistic, couples find it hard to be satisfied with each other. When couples consistently fail to meet each other’s expectations, the chances of separation are higher.

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