What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a process that allows divorcing couples in deciding the terms of their own divorce so that it can be the best option not only for the departing spouse but also for their children. Divorce doesn’t have to be difficult. In mediation, a third-party neutral mediator helps the divorcing partners in arranging a meeting between them to resolve the issues between them so that both of them can end their marriage amicably in a cost effective manner.

The issues covered in divorce mediation can include, but they may not be limited to the following:

  • Parenting time and custody of the child
  • Distribution of assets and liabilities along with property
  • Distribution of retirement benefits and taxes
  • Maintenance and support to the child

Above issues are worked out by the couple, with the help of the mediator, to reach some agreements in divorce mediation. The mediator intervenes the meeting of divorcing couples if it becomes hard to reach an agreement. In this way, the process of divorce mediation is sometimes easy and sometimes tedious and time taking. The job of a mediator in this process is to suggest ideas, keep the communication open, educate understanding, test the reality of the couple and help the couple in reaching some decision with mutual understanding. He/she helps the couple in focusing on the issues so that they may not go out of track frequently. They may start calling names, recalling bad memories and arguing after getting off the track.

In this way, divorce mediation is a confidential and flexible process which allows the departing spouses in finding ways to settle down their conflicts so that both of them can remain good parents for the children even after their separation. If the divorcing couple has children then post-divorce communication between them is extremely important. Mediation helps in continuing this communication while discussing the issues related to their children. In fact, main reason of a divorce is the lack of communication between the life partners. So the mediation helps the couple in making their post-divorce relationship better than when they were married, even if they communicate with each other for the sake of their children.

Being neutral, the divorce mediator does not work for any of the divorcing parents. He/she has to remain neutral in any condition and cannot advise either of them individually. The duties of a mediator include helping the divorcing couples in inventing ideas that can ultimately be converted into an agreement to be implemented and tested with time in future. Both the spouses can confidently negotiate the issues freely by exchanging the information openly and freely. It takes lesser time to resolve the issues and making sensible decisions between the spouses through divorce mediation as both of them use the same basic information for this purpose.

Divorce mediation is also a voluntary process as any decision or agreement can be achieved only if it is desired by all the three parties, you, your departing spouse and the mediator. It can be done on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as desired by the divorcing couples to decide everything to make their divorce beneficial for all the parties.

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